online giving

You can now manage your giving online!  Giving online is easy and allows you to give a one-time gift or set up recurring gifts from anywhere you have access to the internet.  These gifts can be made by using a credit card, debit card or transfer from your bank account.  You can also designate giving in any area in Honor or in Memory of someone, but please let us know whom we should notify of your gift.


To make a donation, simply click on the Make A Donation button under one of the options listed below.  Please consider checking the optional box to add 3% to your donation amount, which offsets the processing fees charged to the Church.

For step by step instructions on how to create an online profile and making your contribution, click here.

  • my sunday offering

    WUMC provides an easy way for visitors and members to support God's work in the Williamsburg Area and around the world.

    Make a Donation

  • Signs of the kingdom

    WUMC Ministries working to share God's Kingdom to those in need in the Williamsburg Area and around the world.


  • Communion offering

    The Communion Offering supports two funds: The Pastoral Discretionary Fund and the Agape Fund.


    The Pastoral Discretionary Fund (PDF) is disbursed to help those in the community with financial need. These individuals and families are referred to us by partner helping agencies, including Williamsburg-JCC Human Services, United Way, House of Mercy, and others.

    The Agape Fund is designated for member support, in the event that a congregant faces a financial hardship.

    Please note which fund you are supporting in the note line. 


  • Debt reduction

    WUMC is nearing the payoff of the 2006 mortgage which enabled the expansion of our building facilities and the installation of a fire sprinkler system throughout the church.  Currently $XXXX is owed before the debt is fully retired.


  • building campaign

    WUMC's Building Campaign is making major repairs and updates to our current facilities.


  • donations to other ministries or programs

    For all other donations or payments, click the button below.  Please specify the destination of your donation or payment.


  • donations to multiple funds in one transaction

    For those who wish to donate to multiple funds through one online transaction, click the button below.


Please consider making a Stewardship pledge.  Click here.  

For more information on other methods of giving, click here.

Questions? Contact Nethea Calloway, Bookkeeper (757) 229-1771 Ext 351 or