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wedding planning

So you’re getting married! Congratulations! 

If you’re interested in holding your wedding ceremony in our church sanctuary, we hope this page will assist in your decision-making and planning process. We at Williamsburg United Methodist Church (WUMC) believe a marriage ceremony is an act of worship. With this in mind we’re eager to work with you to make certain that your wedding reflects praise and thanksgiving to God. After all, God is ultimately the One to whom everything in your service of holy matrimony is dedicated.

Our church offers you more than a place to have your wedding. We also offer the services of ordained clergy who are professionals in pre-marital counseling and in planning and officiating wedding ceremonies. We encourage you to take advantage of their years of expertise. In addition, as you prepare for your wedding, we invite you to attend one of our Sunday morning worship services. There’s perhaps no better way to get a feel for our worship space than coming in person. By worshiping God with us, you’ll see where your wedding would take place, and watch our clergy in action. Of course, you’re also welcome to become a regular part of our worshiping community. We believe that’s one of the best ways to prepare for a lifetime of marriage. 

Again, congratulations on your engagement, and may God bless you as you plan your wedding. 

Here’s how to schedule a wedding ceremony at WUMC: 

  • Contact our Administrative Assistant Nancy Reynolds at (757) 229-1771) or concerning the availability of the church for your tentative wedding date, and then learn more about our church and officiant reservation policies. Please note that we do not schedule any weddings during Advent (December) or during Holy Week and Palm Sunday/Easter Sunday weekends (late March-early April). In addition, only one wedding will be scheduled on any individual day. 
  • Secure your reservation and date immediately (if it's available) by completing the Board of Trustees Building Use Agreement Form for Weddings, enclosing the Sanctuary and/or Fellowship Hall fees, and then mailing these items to:  Williamsburg UMC, Attn: Nancy Reynolds, 500 Jamestown Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185You may access the church for two hours before your wedding and for one hour after. If you are using the kitchen for your reception, you are responsible for clean-up. 
  • If you choose to use Williamsburg United Methodist Church clergy, ask Nancy Reynolds to put you in contact with our Associate Pastor, Meghan Roth Clayton, for an initial consultation. If you wish to have outside clergy officiate your wedding ceremony, your request should be made when scheduling your wedding. In addition, as a courtesy, your clergy person will need to contact our Associate Pastor. Please note that all clergy must be licensed to conduct a religious wedding ceremony in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 
  • Once you’ve completed the first three steps, contact the Wedding Coordinator for our church. They will assist the minister and you during your rehearsal. They will also ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible on your wedding day. After speaking with them, fill out the Wedding Registration and Information Sheet and send it to them. Please notify the church and coordinator of any time changes that are made prior to your ceremony. 
  • Go to a local county or city courthouse in Virginia, and obtain a VA marriage license within 30 days of your wedding day. Remember, it is your responsibility to obtain and provide your marriage license. 
  • Finally, arrange for all additional fees involved with your services, to be paid directly to the person involved and mailed to the Wedding Coordinator at least two weeks prior to your wedding. 
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  • For Other Available Services & Information, click here.

For more information, contact the church office at (757) 229-1771.

other Event planning

Interested in having an event at Williamsburg United Methodist Church?  Here’s how: 

  • Contact our Administrative Assistant Nancy Reynolds at (757) 229-1771 Ext 252 or concerning the availability of one of our rooms for your tentative event date.  Please note that we do not schedule any events (outside of church related events) during Advent (December) or during Holy Week and Palm Sunday/Easter Sunday weekends (late March-early April). 

Williamsburg UMC

Attn: Nancy Reynolds

500 Jamestown Road

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Available Services and Information

Sound System Sanctuary

A trained technician is required for use of the sound system in the Sanctuary. A fee of $50.00 includes one hour for rehearsal and one hour for the day of the event. Taped or recorded music is not allowed; live music only. 

Sound System Fellowship Hall

A trained technician is required for use of the sound and audio/video system in Fellowship Hall. A fee of $50.00 is required.

For more information, contact the church office (757) 229-1771.