In September 1989, members of Williamsburg United Methodist Church recognized a pressing need for early childhood music development in our community. Taking initiative, one of our dedicated members, Cindy Freeman, stepped up and brought this need to the attention of the Bishop, who wholeheartedly approved the establishment of our Early Childhood Music School (ECMS).

Since its inception, ECMS has flourished, evolving from two classes of four-year-olds to a remarkable 54 weekly classes. We cater to children aged two months through nine years, as well as offering four classes for adult keyboard students. Our commitment to fostering musical education in the early years has resulted in thousands of children (and their parents) benefitting from our comprehensive program of singing, moving, listening, playing instruments and learning to read and write music.


For the last 15 years, ECMS has been ranked by Musikgarten among the 85 exemplary music schools throughout the world. The ECMS instructors are certified by Musikgarten through its outstanding teacher training program. Some of our teachers are also trained in Orff, Kodály, Dalcroze, and hold the following teacher certifications: First Steps in Music for Infants and Toddlers, First Steps in Music for Preschool and Beyond, and Conversational Solfege. These additional certifications ensure a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to nurturing the musical minds and abilities of our students. Folk songs, rhymes, classical music, and various methodologies contribute to the rich musical education provided by our dedicated instructors.


Other distinctive features of ECMS include informative Parent Orientation sessions sent out each September. Additionally, we conduct individual evaluations for students aged four and older, ensuring personalized attention to their musical development. Our meticulously planned closing programs, presented at the end of each spring semester, showcase the achievements and talents of our young musicians.


Child Development Resources and Norge Need Center refer children with special needs to ECMS due to our proven success in assisting these children in language and motor development. Our classes have warmly welcomed children with Down syndrome, Autism, Asperger syndrome, ADD, ADHD, and myriad developmental delays. While our instructors are cautious against diagnosing special needs, they often serve as the first observers of potential learning issues, guiding parents to seek appropriate services.

Join the ECMS community, where music becomes a catalyst for growth, joy, and inclusion.