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It was rare to see Jesus teaching a single individual. Most of the time, Jesus taught within a group of people. Thus, it is important for us to learn in community. Consider taking part in Sunday School, the Pastors' Bible Study, short-term and long-term studies, and more to learn from the Christ found in community and from each other.
Contact Deacon Troy Sims for more information ( or 757-229-1771 x258).

Bible / Theology Studies

Embark on an enriching journey of faith with our Bible Studies. These studies are designed for those who are looking to invest more time in understanding God, themselves, and each other, and they often span multiple weeks or even months. Explore the accordions below to find a study that aligns with your spiritual goals and join us in these transformative sessions.


  • Tuesdays, 10:30-12:00noon
    meeting Bi-Weekly on June 25, July 9, July 23, August 6, August 20

  • Sundays, 2:30-4:00pm
    meeting Weekly: June 30, July 7, July 14, July 21, July 28

Where: TBD, but at the church!

Join Deacon Troy and fellow disciples in this study using Brian McLaren's book, The Great Spiritual Migration: How the World’s Largest Religion Is Seeking a Better Way to Be Christian.

This book claims that – notwithstanding the dire headlines about the demise of faith and drop in church attendance – Christian faith is not dying. Rather, it is embarking on a once-in-an-era spiritual shift. For millions, the journey has already begun.

Drawing from his work as global activist, pastor, and public theologian, the author, Brian McLaren, challenges readers to stop worrying, waiting, and indulging in nostalgia and instead embrace the powerful new understandings that are reshaping the church. The book explores three profound shifts that define the change:

  • Spiritually, growing numbers of Christians are moving away from defining themselves by lists of beliefs and toward a way of life defined by love;
  • Theologically, believers are increasingly rejecting the image of God as a violent Supreme Being and embracing the image of God as the renewing Spirit at work in our world for the common good;
  • Missionally, the faithful are identifying less with organized religion and more with organizing religion – spiritual activists dedicated to healing the planet, building peace, overcoming poverty and injustice, and collaborating with other faiths to ensure a better future for all of us.

We encourage you to purchase a copy of the book yourself. By registering, we'll send you an email with links to where you can purchase the book. If needed, however, the church can purchase the book for you for $15.



1 Corinthians: Faithful Living in Divisive Times

When & Where

  • Wednesdays, beginning May 8 from 7:00-8:30pm in Rm 103 &
    Thursdays, beginning May 9 from 10:30-12:00pm via Zoom

Many have lamented “If only we could get back to the way the early Church was, we’d be so much better off!” Hmm, have they read the New Testament – and especially the book of 1 Corinthians?! The Christian community in 1st century Corinth was confronted by bitter in-fighting, indifference toward sexual impropriety, confusion as to gender roles, disagreements over money, theological questions, lawsuits, contentious worship practices, and serious problems with leadership – all at the same time! Not exactly the ‘good old days’ – and perhaps more like the Church today than we might realize. In his quintessential letter in response to divisive issues, Paul shares with these struggling disciples the wisdom regarding the Cross, spiritual gifts, human sexuality, death, the Resurrection, and the joys and challenges of living together in Christian community. Perhaps it’s time for a new look?

Join Pastor Dave ( ) and Deacon Troy ( ) for this latest edition of the Pastors’ Bible Study using Jaime Clark-Soles’ book, 1 Corinthians: Searching the Depths of God. We encourage you to read the Introduction and Chapter 1 before the first session.

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When: Sundays, May 12-June 9 at 9:30am
Where: Room 171

Join the Perspectives Sunday School Class to consider some common phrases that may have a kernel of truth but are really clichés that are often more harmful than good. They'll be using Adam Hamilton's book, Half Truths.

Perspectives Sunday School is designed to meet the needs of working-age adults with or without family responsibilities, but it is open to all. To get connected to the class leaders, contact Deacon Troy Sims ( ).

When: Sundays, May 19-June 16 at 9:30am
Where: Room 303

In a time of division and discord, Christians have come to be seen not as bearers of good news and love but of judgement and intolerance. How did we get here? And what can we do about it? Join the Searchers Sunday School for Philip Yancey's study, Vanishing Grace, as they explore how we can respond with both grace and truth. To get connected to the class, contact Deacon Troy Sims ( ).


When: Sundays at 9:30am
Room: 174

Join the Marvin Willard Sunday School for a study of the early years of the Jewish nation after the Exodus. The study will help you get into the Bible by providing historical and cultural context as well as insights into the Hebrew language. It also gives you insight into life application as individuals and a community of faith. To get connected to the class, contact Deacon Troy Sims ( ).


Each Fall, WUMC offers long-term, in-depth studies of the Bible that focus not only on studying Scripture but also on developing deeper covenant relationships with God and each other, which leads to more fruitful discipleship. Some examples of studies offered in the past (and that may be offered in the future include):

  • Covenant Bible Study
    This 24-week in-depth group Bible Study invites participants to read and discuss the Bible together to learn how to love God and each other better. Participants will study the entire story of the Bible while considering the covenant God creates with us, inviting us to live into and trust that covenant as a community.
    Prerequisite: None
  • Disciple I: Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study
    This first in the Disciple series serves as the basis for all other studies in the Disciple family that follow. Over the course of 34 weeks, this covers some 80% of the Bible, following the biblical story from Creation to the New Jerusalem. We have started using the aforementioned Covenant Bible Study in place of Disciple I as the prerequisite for the following classes.
    Prerequisite: None
  • Disciple II: Into the Word Into the World
    This 32-week study offers a deep examination of Genesis, Exodus, Luke, and Acts, emphasizing the rhythm of coming to God and going for God – approaching all experiences of life as opportunities for faithful witness and service.
    We recommend that you take Covenant or Disciple I before Disciple II.
  • Disciple III: Remember Who You Are
    In the Old Testament Prophets and the Letters of Paul, this 32-week study examines the connection between memory and identity as the people of God. Participants will find common themes, including calls to remember, calls to repent, calls for renewal, and calls for community.
    We recommend that you take Covenant or Disciple I before Disciple III.
  • Disciple IV: Under the Tree of Life
    The phrase, “under the tree of life,” conveys the promise of finding shelter, security, and rest in God’s love. In this 32-week study of Old Testament writings, the Gospel of John, the Epistles of John, James, and Jude, and finally Revelation, participants will see the entire process of living toward final completion of rest and reward.
    We recommend that you take Covenant or Disciple I before Disciple IV.
  • Jesus in the Gospels
    Known as a “Second Generation Disciple Study,” this 30-week study looks at the four gospels side-by-side and asks the question, "Who is the Jesus that you see?” As a group, participants encounter Jesus who is both hard to ignore and hard to put in a box.
    We recommend that you take Covenant or Disciple I before Jesus in the Gospels.
  • Christian Believer: Knowing God With Heart and Mind
    This 30-week study focuses on “orthodox” theology using the Bible along with the writings, symbols, and hymns of patriarchs and matriarchs of the Christian faith.
    We recommend that you take Covenant or Disciple I before Christian Believer.

For more information about long-term, in-depth studies of the Bible like the above, contact Deacon Troy Sims (  or 757-229-1771).


Our Adult Sunday School classes meet in person from 9:30-10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings. A few of our classes also offer Zoom. Childcare is available during the Sunday School hour and during both worship services. Expand the sections below to learn more about our class offerings. If you would like to join a class, contact Deacon Troy Sims ( or 757-229-1771, x258), and he'll get you connected to the class leaders.


Aldersgate Fellowship meets in Wesley Hall and is currently exploring various topics.


This class meets in Room 102 and is currently undergoing a video study called The Lives of Great Christians. It is named for an early WUMC pastor who later became a bishop.


This class meets in Room 174 and is currently undergoing a study of Journey Through the Bible: Joshua-Judges-Ruth. They are named for their long-time leader, Marvin Willard.


Take part in Perspectives, our new adult Sunday School Class, that invites discovery and diversity of thought as we deepen our faith. This group is designed to meet the needs of our growing church with working-age adults with or without family responsibilities, but it is open to all.

This class begins Half Truths by Adam Hamilton on May 12.


Searches class meets in Room 303 and via Zoom for the following study, JAMES: What You Do Matters. On May 19, they'll begin Vanishing Grace.


A Small Group experience for a deepened experience of the Christian journey of faith as participants support one another. If you are interested in starting a Small Group or Sunday School Class, please contact Troy Sims .

Small Groups




Nursery care is available at both the 8:15am and 11:00am services, as well as during the Sunday School hour, for children Pre-K and younger. Your little ones can be dropped off and picked up in our Seedlings Classroom found on the 1st floor down the hall from our Sanctuary. Not sure where that is?  No worries!  Just follow the signs or ask one of our greeters! 

Our paid nursery staff and volunteers have years of childcare experience, are fully background checked, and trained according to Safe Sanctuaries best practices. *Safe Sanctuaries is a program developed by the United Methodist Church to protect children and vulnerable adults. To view WUMC’s policy tailored to our local context, see below.


At Williamsburg UMC, we design worship for all ages to respond and grow in deeper relationship with the God who is always reaching out to us in love. Following the Moment of Teaching during the 11am service, our children grades K-4 are invited to Children’s Worship. We’ll gather in the Children’s Worship Space next to the sanctuary to explore a Bible story, sing songs, and respond to God through crafts and games. Kids will return to the sanctuary to sit with their families following the sermon.


Join us every Sunday from 12:30-2:00 pm in the Youth Room for an exciting blend of faith, fun, and fellowship. We start by playing games and sharing a meal before exploring a Bible story through study, creativity, prayer, and wondering how God is calling us to love our neighbors.

Please contact Zach Griggs ( or 757-229-1771, x 251) for questions regarding children and youth ministries.

We are a Safe Sanctuaries church, to view our policy, see below.



Here are some good options!

New Interpreter's Study Bible

HarperCollins Study Bible

The CEB Study Bible

New Oxford Annotated Bible

And here is a commentary you might consider: Women's Bible Commentary