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WHY WE care

Williamsburg UMC has a long tradition of nurturing Christian faith through worship, local and global outreach, music education, family and children programming, caregiver support, and partnerships with local organizations for nearly 250 years. Our legacy touches thousands of individuals: members, friends, families, and groups in the Williamsburg community who are welcomed into our church home weekly. We strive to be the place where people congregate to do God’s work.

Building on Our Legacy is the WUMC Capital Campaign designed around a three- year commitment to fund projects that will repair significant structural issues in the church as well as enhance the quality of our fellowship, worship, and program experiences. Critical and essential renovations, as well as ongoing maintenance projects, to our building are estimated at $1,800,000.

Revitalizing Our Legacy: A Virtual Tour of Our Renewed Spaces

In 2023, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our cherished building and took time to reflect on the incredible years of fellowship, faith, and service it has witnessed. Like the bonds we forge within our congregation, our building holds a legacy of its own – one that's nurtured the seeds of missions, embraced countless gatherings, and echoed with the harmonious notes of worship. It stands as a testament to our commitment to each other, our community, and the world beyond. Through thoughtful repairs, we've revived our hallways and sanctuary with fresh paint. Our sanctuary, stairwells and outside areas now shine with new lighting. The steeple, a symbol of our welcome, has been lovingly restored. And there’s so much more!

We invite you to experience the transformation firsthand. Watch the video above to embark on a virtual tour led by Russ Henke, Board of Trustees. Let's celebrate the impact of your support together!

Capital Campaign GIve Plan

Our Capital Campaign is the cornerstone of ensuring the enduring vitality and sanctity of our church's physical infrastructure. Through the generous support of our community, these funds fuel essential projects that safeguard and enhance our sacred space, enabling it to remain a beacon of worship, service, and fellowship for generations to come. Capital Campaign pledges represent a commitment above and beyond our annual giving, reflecting our shared dedication to the enduring legacy of Williamsburg United Methodist Church.

As stewards of this collective vision, we've embraced a Three-year Plan of Giving, providing structure and clarity to our fundraising efforts. Whether you choose to contribute weekly, monthly, or annually, your participation is vital in shaping the future of our beloved church.

Would you like to delve deeper into the remarkable achievements made possible by past contributions or discover the exciting progress of our current projects? Use the button below to reach our Board of Trustees for previous/current project standings.

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Contributions of STOCK & other securities

Contributions of stock to Williamsburg United Methodist Church (WUMC) are processed by the Virginia United Methodist Foundation (the Foundation).  The Foundation will receive shares of stock from your broker, sell the stock, and transmit the proceeds to WUMC.

 To contribute stock to WUMC:

  • Print the Gift of Publicly Traded Securities form found at the link below. A paper copy of the form can also be obtained from the WUMC Finance Office.  Complete the form and send it per the following instructions. 
    • Send a copy of the form to your broker to initiate the stock contribution transaction.
    • Send a copy of the form to the Foundation via email or mail at the address on the form. This is very important since it authorizes the Foundation to sell the stock as soon as it is received from the broker.  Also, it provides the information the Foundation needs to send you a receipt for your tax records.
    • Send a copy of the form to Barbara Blanton, the WUMC Finance Manager, to ensure that your contribution is recorded on your church contribution statement and the stock proceeds are applied to the correct fund. 
      • Email:
      • Mail or in person: 500 Jamestown Rd Williamsburg, VA 23185

If you have any questions about contributing stock to WUMC, please contact Barbara Blanton, WUMC Finance Manager. PLEASE NOTE:  Your Giving Statement from WUMC will show the value of gift of stock or other securities you donated to the Virginia United Methodist Foundation.  When you complete your tax return at year-end, please be sure to not double count this gift.

stock contribution form


As we look back at the church’s legacy in this unique location and celebrate what WUMC is today, it is evident that we are not simply celebrating the church. We are celebrating each other, the accomplishments we have shared as part of this ministry, and the future of our church.

Extending our blessings beyond our own lives is an intrinsic part of Christian stewardship. If the Williamsburg United Methodist Church has played a vital role in your life --- in times of joy and difficulty --- you can help to continue its vital ministry and mission.

Your gifts to the Church both now and after your lifetime can make your church home stronger and more responsive to the needs of generations to come. Your gift to The Endowment is a wonderful way for the Church to remember you or someone you love.

Why Endowment

One of the many blessings of Williamsburg United Methodist Church is its strong and dedicated group of members. The Church recognizes that many members desire to include Williamsburg United Methodist Church in their planned lifetime giving and estate planning programs. To support giving in this way, the church has created The WUMC Endowment: three special endowment funds to which planned gifts can be made.

Funds Within The Endowment

  • THE GENERAL FUND: Income earned on this fund is used to sustain the ministries of education, Christian services; the nurture of children and youth; and faith formation for all ages.
  • THE THIRD CENTURY FUND: Income earned on this fund is used to maintain the beautiful sanctuary and the various facilities of the Church and enhance the campus for generations to come.
  • FRANCES L. RICHARDS MEMORIAL FUND: Income earned on this fund is used to provide financial assistance and support to members of the Williamsburg United Methodist Church family in their time of need.

A new Endowment fund may be named in memory or honor of a designee with a gift of $25,000 or more. Please consult with The Endowment committee for details of establishing a new fund.

Perhaps the greatest reward of giving to The Endowment is the knowledge that the gift, regardless of its size or form, will continue to assist the ministry at Williamsburg United Methodist Church as it proclaims the good news of the Christian faith to generations well into the future.

How Can I Participate

The best gift is one that is appropriate to your particular interests and circumstances. Gifts of all sizes are important and valued. You may choose to make a gift of cash, securities (marketable or unmarketable, appreciated or those with a loss), charitable gift annuities, insurance proceeds, or other real or personal property, and your estate may receive a tax deduction for your charitable gift.

In all cases, you should consult with your personal tax and legal advisors to ensure your plan achieves your personal goals to maximize the benefits to you.

If you would like to make a gift or learn more about The Endowment at Williamsburg United Methodist Church, contact Nethea Calloway, Finance Manager, at (757) 229-1771 Ext 350 or

Grant Requests

The Endowment Fund of WUMC was established to provide members and friends the opportunity to make charitable gifts that will become a permanent endowment of the church. Income from the Endowment Sub-Funds is intended to supplement programs and ministries of WUMC not funded through the Annual Operating Budget.

Through this grant request, the Endowment Committee seeks funding applications. Completed grant requests must come from an Administrative or Ministry Committee to the WUMC Church Council for review and recommendation. All completed requests recommended by the Church Council will be considered by the Endowment Committee. Requests may be affirmed, modified, or declined by the Endowment Committee.

Please send a completed Grant Request to the Chair of the Church Council. Additional information may be obtained from the Chair of the Endowment Committee.

Questions? Contact the church office at (757) 229-1771. To view/print the Endowment Grant Request Form, click here.


Thanks in great part to members and friends of WUMC over the years, The Endowment today is an important supporting ministry for our facilities, our programs, and our members in their time of need. Consider joining this legacy by supporting The Endowment with your prayers, your service, and your gifts.