Williamsburg United Methodist Church has a long tradition of nurturing Christian faith through worship, local and global outreach, music education, family and children programming, caregiver support, and partnerships with local organizations for nearly 250 years. Our legacy touches thousands of individuals: members, friends, families, and groups in the Williamsburg community who are welcomed into our church home weekly. Williamsburg United Methodist Church strives to be the place where people congregate to do God’s work.

Building on Our Legacy is the WUMC Capital Campaign designed around a three- year commitment to fund projects that will repair significant structural issues in the church as well as enhance the quality of our fellowship, worship, and program experiences. Critical and essential renovations, as well as ongoing maintenance projects, to our building are estimated at $1,800,000.

Returning now to our building and the busy life within it, we know that bearing witness to Christ, the Light of the world, goes beyond the walls of our church and in turn, must radiate out into our community! Generous hearts are needed to care for and adapt our building, as we conceive new ways to take the light of Christ to those outside.

We ask everyone whose life is touched by the ministries of our church to support this initiative in order to continue WUMC’s legacy of giving to the community and the world.

How it works

Capital Campaign gifts enable us to pay for large projects to protect and maintain our church’s physical structure so that it can continue to be our place of worship, service and fellowship. Capital Campaign pledges are contributions above and beyond our annual giving commitments.

To structure the funding, we have adopted a Three-year Plan of Giving. You may make your gift weekly, monthly or yearly, whichever works best for your family.


Gifts and multi-year commitments may be made through our online giving via credit card (just click on the button below) or sent to the church office.  Gifts of cash, stock, bonds, or IRA distributions will be gladly received.

M ake a gift to the Capital Campaign

campaign Videos

Witness the Transformation: Your Giving in Action

Curious about the improvements our church building needs? Want to understand why your involvement is crucial? Our video series offers an in-depth look at the essential upgrades and why they matter.

What You'll See and Hear:

  • Guided Walkthroughs: We'll take you on a virtual tour to point out the areas that need attention, explaining why each repair or upgrade is necessary.

  • Member Testimonials: Hear directly from our community members about the impact these improvements will have on our collective worship and fellowship.

  • Project Updates: Stay in the loop as each project rolls out. We'll provide regular updates so you can see your contributions at work, transforming our sacred space.

Watch these videos and get inspired to be a part of this transformative journey!