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Early Childhood Music School (ECMS) is a weekday ministry of Williamsburg United Methodist Church.

We provide music lessons to the community for all ages from as old as 2 months to as young as 100 years.

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The Early Childhood Music School is a weekday program offered to the community-at-large. Weekly classes in music-and-movement (taught by internationally certified early childhood music specialists) address the following goals:

  • Promote music education as every child’s right.
  • Generate enthusiasm for music through repeated, positive experiences.
  • Provide holistic education at a time when children are developmentally receptive.
  • Create a nurturing environment that enables children to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.
  • Affirm and support parents of young children while facilitating positive family interaction.

We are a Safe Sanctuaries church. To view our policy, click here.



  • First Music: 2-10 Months or 11 - 17 Months
  • Musical Beginners: 18 - 23 Months or 24 - 35 Months
  • Musical Explorers: 3 - 4 Years (with or without parents)
  • Youth Musicians Years 1 & 2: Ages 4 - 5 and 5 - 6 Years
  • Keyboard Levels 1 - 4: Ages 6 - 9 Years
  • Youth Guitar: Ages 8+ Years


Keyboard: 18+ Years

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Elliot's Song was launched in 1999 in response to the United Methodist Bishop's initiative "All God's Children". The goal was to assist teachers of preschool students in providing effective, early intervention for children who, because of financial disadvantages or developmental delays, were at risk for future academic failure. The program serves students at the Head Start programs of both York County and James City County, the Bright Beginnings program of the W/JCC school system and the First Steps program of Child Development Resources.  ECMS has continued to provide this service free-of-charge through grants, donations and fund-raising activities.  The memorial fund was named for Elliot Provoncha (1997-2005), who attended ECMS and was born with multiple disabilities, but was profoundly responsive to music.



The Early Childhood Music School is a weekday ministry offered at Williamsburg United Methodist Church to members and the community-at-large. To register or for a full list of classes click here.


  • In September 1989, ECMS was created at Williamsburg United Methodist Church by Cindy Freeman.  Over the years, ECMS has grown from two classes of four-years-olds to 54 weekly classes of children aged two months through nine years, and 6 classes of adult keyboard and guitar students.

  • The school uses curricula from Musikgarten for each sequential level of instruction, accommodating every developmental stage.  Fifty-four class times are offered Monday through Thursday, starting at 9:15 am and ending at 7:15 pm.  Children are assigned based on level of instruction, parents' scheduling needs, and teacher availability.

  • The most important distinction is that ECMS is the only school operating as a ministry of the church.  Others are for-profit businesses which rent space.  As a non-profit organization, ECMS is eligible for grants and donations to support its outreach programs. Additionally, ECMS instructors are certified through the international Early Childhood Music and Movement Association and required to take graduate-level courses for re-certification every five years.

  • Definitely! Another important program of ECMS is the Jessie Elizabeth Scholarship Fund, which provides funding for 15-20 children to attend the music school annually, tuition-free, based on financial need. Jessie Elizabeth Owens Dail (1987-1999), granddaughter of ECMS faculty member Sandy Owens, was a student at ECMS.  Jessie loved music and continued to sing and play the saxophone until her tragic death at the age of twelve.


Early Childhood Music School

Williamsburg United Methodist Church

500 Jamestown Road

Williamsburg, Virginia 23185

For more information, contact Anthony Williams, Director of ECMS (757-229-1771 Ext 108 or awilliams@williamsburgumc.org).  For further information or to register, 

visit the ECMS website by clicking here.

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We are a Safe Sanctuaries church. To view our policy, click here.