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This summer the Williamsburg Area Meals on Wheels and Greater Williamsburg Outreach Mission are again jointly sponsoring the Summer Meals for Kids. This program serves 200 children living in local motels and low-income apartment complexes. It starts June 15 and runs through September 4. As in past years, WUMC will support the Program on Thursdays, starting June 18 and we’ll share the day's responsibilities with the members of Bruton Parish Episcopal Church.

If you are able to help with this ministry, there are two ways you can make it a success.

One way we as a church congregation have supported this program has been by donating non-perishable lunch treats. This year we will conduct our donations through a drive-thru food collection in the WUMC parking lot and are requesting donations of individual snack bags, pudding cups, and/or juice boxes. We ask for your support on Saturday, June 6, from 10:00 am - noon when you can drive by our collection point where masked and gloved volunteers will gladly accept your contributions--rain or shine.

As another way to help, please consider delivering meals for the children or serving in another role. The Program will be operating out of a single kitchen (not WUMC) and will need the following every Thursday:

Meal preparation and packaging starting at 8:30: Need 3 volunteers

Meal deliveries starting at 10:30: Need 2 volunteers

Homemade brownies and/or cookies to be dropped off between 8:30 and 9 at the kitchen, if possible, individually wrapped or bagged: Need 5 volunteers for 2 dozen cookies or brownies each (a total of 10 dozen baked goods)

Most important to note is that our priority is everyone’s safety. We will minimally enforce the 6’ social distancing rule and require gloves (which we will supply) and face coverings (you will need to supply) as well as maintain less than 10 people in the kitchen and surrounding area. The social distancing minimum will also be required at the motels and apartment complexes where the meals will be left in the lobbies, separated from staff and with no interface with families.

If interested, please contact the church office (757) 229-1771. Thank you so much for all of your help in providing meals this Summer for the children in the motels!